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By day I design Cary Living Magazine. I also personally provide freelance design services ranging from, but not limited to, editorial and advertising design, logos, branding and identity systems, stationery and digital illustration. By night I protect the people of Gotha... just kidding, I've begun watercolor painting again. I went through a bit of a rough patch after college had me burned out on fine art. But I've picked up my brush, and I'm excited to be creating again!

My grandfather was a sign maker on Long Island, New York and he was my original inspiration; bending neon and hand-lettering signs in a time before vinyl took over. I am a mother, artist, disc golfer, and a lover of Californian and Hawaiian Reggae, and am a mega-Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, minor in Art History, with a concentration in Studio Art.
Thank you!
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